Employment Precedents provides access to over 250 precedents including employment contracts and agreements, employment procedures, company policies and TUPE related documentation. This enables you to locate industry specific employment precedents, as well as those concerning matters of company policy, industrial tribunal proceedings and High Court litigation, quickly and efficiently.

Precedents relevant to each stage of the employment relationship are available, from pre-employment questionnaires to dismissal and redundancy. These include:

  • Some industry-specific clauses, and clauses for different categories of employees
  • Precedents required for inclusion in a staff handbook
  • Company policy issues such as grievance and disciplinary actions, confidentiality, data protection, health and safety and restraint of trade clauses
  • Checklists for handling various employment procedures
  • Precedents for breach of contract actions, industrial tribunal proceedings and High Court litigation
  • Comprehensive coverage of precedents relating to directors